January watercolours in a Wiltshire bookshop!

This week I was delighted to be invited to Marlborough’s stunning White Horse Bookshop in Wiltshire to demonstrate to a class how to capture light lake reflections in watercolour.

Our day was all about using luminous, dripping paint to create trees reflecting on a calm water surface. My “gravity painting” techniques got into full swing as we worked swiftly to merge pigments and create wild watermarks – painting the colourful trees and their reflections simultaneously. We noticed that the slightly bumpy surface of the paper guided the paint around to create organic edges and subtly mottled paint textures. After the fast start we all relaxed into the wonderfully meditative subject and chatted about colour and painting’s ability to make us feel happy and calm.

My favourite part of the bookshop is it’s wonderful upstairs window seat – perfect for browsing their arty books – including mine!

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