Online watercolour workshops on Zoom

Now in their seventh month, my schedule of online watercolour workshops offers a chance for us to meet up and still share wonderful watercolours together.
Please find a flier below for the latest month’s workshops and how to book and/or email me to join the mailing list to hear about new workshops.
You will receive in advance a materials list and plan for each session, plus a source photo to work from and your Zoom invite. Hope to see you soon!

This October we have three new subjects to help inspire you to paint, including dare I say it, a wintery scene design that is suitable for Christmas cards!
To join in please
1) take a look at the dates below
2) click here to complete a booking form
3) scroll down to pay by PayPal (or email to be sent a secure credit/debit card link) and join in!

1 x two hour watercolour workshop on Zoom

Click below to join in my friendly session this month.


1 x three hour watercolour workshop on Zoom

Click below to join our intermediate watercolour session this month.


2 x two hour watercolour workshops on Zoom

Click below to join in two friendly sessions this month.


All 3 watercolour workshops on Zoom this month

Click below to join all three of our sessions this month.


A video explaining a bit more about my “gravity painting” techniques:

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