Cascading landscapes

What excites me as a painter is the gorgeous behaviour of flowing watercolour pigments. By experimenting freely with rich, running paint, I have developed a technique I call “gravity painting”. This cascading method of applying paint directly to the paper without prior mixing, preserves the paths of mingling pigments in your painting. It’s a sure way to create subtle passages on paper as paint flows and reacts within generous amounts of  water.

To free up your own watercolour painting style, why not try thoroughly wetting your support and then dropping in tube paints (diluted to a thick, single-cream consistency). Using deep colours, insures against watercolours paling during the drying process. It also allows you to thoroughly focus on the behaviour of the paint on the paper, rather than concentrating energies on mixing within the palette.

I share my painting techniques with art groups and hold Watercolour Workshops in Bath: Trees & Landscapes (Thursday 9th March 10.30-3) and Beautiful Bath Slopes (Wednesday 5th April 10.30-3) Stourhead Landscape Gardens (Thursday 18th & Friday 19th May).

Bath dreaming web
Bath Dreaming, watercolour

chose to improve in 2017?

Wanting to improve or kick-start your painting skills in 2017? Let me help you with a broad choice of adult watercolour workshops this spring, including ever popular “Beautiful Bath Slopes” from a heritage building in Bath and painting the landscape at First View Gallery in Stourhead Gardens.
Click here for all the dates: spring-2017-a5-workshop-flier
and Email me for a booking form.


New workshop dates!

Improve or kick-start your painting skills in 2017 with these watercolour workshops:
“Beautiful Bath Slopes” Wednesday 5th April (10.30-3) – ever popular, this fantastic subject celebrates Bath’s stunning  buildings whilst allowing you to escape into your imagination. Learn how to protect whites whilst embracing fully flowing watercolours to create hillsides studded with fairytale architecture.
“Capturing water” Tuesday 16th May (10.30-3) – one of watercolour’s most successful subjects which can also be one of the most tricky to pull off. Control pigments to match the quality of water – from the mirrored surface of Bath’s canals to waves breaking over Cornish rocks.
Full schedule of workshops: spring-2017-pdf-a5-workshop-flier
Email me for further details and a booking form.

society of women artists call for entries

It’s time once again to consider applying to the wealth of art competitions and open exhibitions accepting entries this winter holidays. Why not try the Society of Women Artists? We are a professional and friendly group of female artists creating a large body of work, some of which is on show at our annual exhibition in London’s Mall Galleries each year. This year’s exhibition runs 4-9 July 2017 and opens first thing in 2017. Good luck!


Spring 2017 Workshop programme

Waterfalls of watercolour: Spring Workshops Programme –
a perfect gift this Christmas. Workshop gift vouchers available, please email.


Spring 2017 A5 workshop flierCombine powerful watercolour techniques with art-filled conversation in a perfect venue on the edge of the heritage city of Bath. Mix wet-in-wet waterfalls of colour directly onto board to loosen up and brighten your paintings. The landscape courses are an ideal way to kick start your painting and suitable for beginners or more experienced painters. The portrait day is more technical and will help more experienced painters explore tone and control more complex areas of watercolour.

1 & 2 November: Painting Stourhead

Autumn watercolour workshops

1st & 2nd November 2016 10.30am – 3pm @ First-View Gallery, Stourhead.
Two lovely one-day workshops painting in loose, expressive watercolour with beautiful Stourhead as your subject. Try my techniques, step-by-step. Suitable for beginners & experienced painters. £60 per day. All materials provided: watercolour board, paints, mediums etc Coffee/tea on tap. Please bring a packed lunch.
Bookings: 07891 409490 / Venue: First-View Gallery, Spread Eagle Courtyard, Stourton Wiltshire BA12 6QE stourhead-the-temple-and-the-red-tree

September exhibition of new works

44ad-exhibition-catherine-beale-2016Preview Evening: Thursday 15th September 6-8.30pm with live music from Las Tordas. At 44AD, 4 Abbey St. Bath BA1 1NN (
Exhibition continues Thursday 15th-Saturday 17th (12-6pm) and Sunday 18th (1-4pm) September.
Workshops 13 & 14 September during exhibition week Email me for details/bookings or an invitation to the Preview evening.

“Body of Water” is a collection of my newest works. The first exhibition space contains my flowing watercolours, inspired by the vertical landscapes of Bath’s reflecting waterways and cascading terraces. The second contains recent oil portraits, including my studies of the students of Bath Dance College.

I mix pure pigment upon a wetted canvas, promoting the natural running and mixing of paint. I use minerals such as Hematite and Amethyst which granulate and channel like rivers across the painted surface. I have also begun to grind and paint my own ochre pigment from Bath’s own Oolitic limestone. These new experiments at local paint production will be on display.

I am giving two workshops at 44AD where participants are invited to share my painting methods. The painting subject matter will be based around the exhibition themes and participants will draw on these for inspiration. My techniques are also shared in my articles for The Artist Magazine.

I use my “gravity painting” methods in my portraits too. I have painted portraits internationally for twenty years. They contain intricately varied tones to represent the play of light over faces. My work has sold at regional and national exhibitions including with the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Institute for Painters in Watercolour. I am an Associate of the Society of Women Artists.

More details at /

Bookings & enquiries: 07891 409490