Corporate Events & Retreats

I can offer attendees of corporate events and retreats an introduction to “gravity painted” watercolours in a relaxed environment. Watching my stepped demonstrations, delegates create their own imaginary landscapes in running paint which relies less on fine motor skill and more on opening up to “go with the flow”. No complex colour theories, just dropping in pure colour, salt and other interventions and watching the surprising chemistry that results.  The “wet-in-wet techniques” gradually relax and enthral, to create a meditation-like space and reveal the joy that can be found in shared creativity. I am a past Graduate of the  Institute of Personnel and Development and  ran several in-company training events in the 1990s (in my former life as a personnel manager!) 

some comments from delegates:
“Catherine, the art teaching was fabulous and I’d love to try one of your courses”
“I am enjoying getting to grips with watercolours and to tapping into my own creativity. See below for the picture I produced at Brecon (Mentoring Plus Corporate Wellbeing Weekend) which I have framed as I love the colours so much!”
“Thanks again for your fantastic and innovative intro to watercolours.” 

“I was so pleased to have experienced Catherine’s art class and …truly amazed at her extraordinary talent which blew me away not to mention what a gorgeous person she is. I won’t give up my day job yet to become a painter but it was really interesting to see what on earth I would create when given the time just to paint.”