Homes & views

Previous commissions of treasured homes, valued institutions and favourite views in flowing watercolours:

It was Singapore’s heritage architecture that inspired me to return to painting over twenty years ago. While living there, I painted expatriate plantation homes, company bungalows (eg Reuters), as well as institutions such as the British Club of Singapore and the US Embassy. My prints of brightly coloured shophouses sold at the airport, hotels and events.

The process:
I can guide you step-by-step through your commission, starting with a visit to your home/favourite viewpoint to talk around your ideas. I will make observational notes of the important elements to include and use photographs to plan layout and to edit lighting conditions. (Portraits of past homes are also possible from edited photographs.) After you have approved a photographic mock-up of the painting and planned layout, a 50% deposit is taken to start the painting. A further viewing and adjustments are made nearer to completion.

Pricing: From £950 for a single house portrait or view unframed  (up to A3 size/42 x 30cms.) Or £1250 with detailed background or vignettes unframed (up to 75 x 55cms).

Past commission subjects include: 2015 Monkton Combe School for presentation to the Headmaster; 2014 Majorcan holiday villa; 2011 Dubai house; 2009 French chateau home; 2004 US Embassy commission to paint Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore; 2003 Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary – Visitors’ Centre mural; 1999 British Club House, Singapore.

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