Exhibited Portraits

Solo exhibition “LUX” – 44AD Artspace, Bath October 2020

Welcome to my portraits. I am drawn to their intimacy and complexity – our ability as humans to read the most subtle nuances in faces, even those in historic portraits, makes the genre a challenge, particularly in watercolour.
I often place my subjects in strong, one-directional light, mapping the way it falls to add dimension and drama. I then construct an image of the sitter using a method I have developed that I call “gravity painting”.
A record of awards, competitions and professional exhibitions can be found in Exhibition News.
I would be delighted to discuss any queries you may have. I also enjoy working to commission to capture treasured family portraits.: Contact Catherine.
Exhibited portraits (a selection):

The Calling (Madonna)
The Calling – watercolour on wooden panel (Society of Women Artists 2018)

Portrait commissions: Please click here for information about commissioning a portrait and feel free to email me with any questions.

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