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Anna – watercolour on board – U.S. commission

Putting an image to memories:
I am proud to have created portrait commissions in collaboration with clients for nearly twenty-five years. Family portraits are a unique expression of love from one person to another and an heirloom to be handed down through the family.
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Recent family portraits:

The process:
Your portrait starts with an initial sitting of pencil studies and photographic notes (depending on the subject’s age.) Sittings for child portraits can take place in their own home where they may feel most relaxed. They can also be arranged in my studio on the southern edge of Bath if this is more convenient for you (if the portrait is a surprise for example.)
I often place my subjects in strong, one-directional, natural light and I map the way light falls to add dimension and drama. So subjects are often seated in a chair near a window or open door.
I will produce a photographic plan of the painting in advance, taking a 50% deposit only after this plan meets with your approval. There is another viewing nearer to completion when adjustments can be made. Once the final portrait is approved the second 50% payment is due.
Translucent, professional watercolours are used for your portrait on a “canvas” of acid-free watercolour board (which can be framed on top of the mount for a contemporary look) or primed wooden panel. There is more detail about my techniques here.

What clients have said:
“Thanks again Catherine, you’ve been a joy to work with and you’ve captured the girls beautifully. We will treasure the painting for many years.”
“So very pleased with the portraits – you have captured them both perfectly.”
“P absolutely loved the painting…There were quite a few tears shed by all concerned. Thank you again for such a lovely painting.”
“I just had to write and say how thrilled we both are with the portrait – it is amazing. I was so wowed by it when I saw it, I was speechless…I can’t wait to get the picture home.”
“absolutely beautiful portraits…I have just opened them and was in tears…I couldn’t have wished for more…thank you”


Giclee Prints:
Once your portrait is completed, I can create professional art prints of the image as a way of sharing the painting with loved ones. These make excellent family gifts. Framing and events unveiling are also available by arrangement.

Price guide (unframed):
Head and shoulder watercolour portrait on board: £950 (55cms square)
Other dimensions possible up to a maximum of 76 x 56cms.
Head and shoulder watercolour portrait on clay or wood panel: £1250 ( c.40 x 52cms)
Pencil portrait on paper: £350 (approx A3 size)
Other sizes available.
Oil portraits – please email for details.
Savings for multiple portraits in the same location.
Please email me for enquiries.

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