Water lily treat and Cotswold retreat

This is a new opportunity for painters who wish to experiment with painting vertically and embrace drips. At this tailor-made workshop we’ll use a forgiving Monet-esque water lily theme which benefits from left watermarks. Tilt your painting surface, let loose with running colour and embrace differential drying – not for the faint hearted!
Now booking for Wednesday 21 February 2024.

Meanwhile bookings are coming in for my January Cotswold retreat at Packhorse Bath close to my studio. Enjoy a package of painting exercises over two days to advance your watercolours, plus pub supper and lunch. A copy of my book Capturing Light is included to help you when you return home.
Introductory price of £190 until 29 October. £230 thereafter.
To find out more, go to my in-person Bath Watercolour Workshops

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